Pray the Rosary.
Change the World.

Join the Rosary Crusade community. Commit to a daily Rosary.
Get free resources for growing in prayer and owning your Faith.

Why Join the Rosary Crusade?

Create your plan of action for growing in prayer through the Rosary Crusade.

Develop your own personal style of prayer that has proven real-world impact.

Join others taking action to change the world through prayer while supporting each other.

You Are Needed.

You can do this. The Rosary Crusade offers a plan of action to develop a life of prayer - free how-to guides, audio Rosary downloads, and a community of others who are praying the Rosary and growing in the Faith alongside you.

It only needs you, your commitment, and strong will.


  • How-To Guides

  • Pray-On-The-Go Audio Rosaries

  • Powerful Real-Life Rosary Stories

  • Authentic Catholic Content and Radio Programming


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  • Connect with a community of like-minded Rosary Crusaders

  • Support one another in spiritual combat

It’s common not to pray the rosary daily because you lack the right tools, or don’t see prayer’s practical value.

We take away the excuses and give you the tools to develop a disciplined prayer routine. We'll provide a community, tutorials, and true stories of prayer’s real-world impact.

Becoming the person God is calling you to be, your family and friends want, and the hero the world needs starts with a commitment to pray the rosary daily.

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