Daily Reflections on the Eucharist Day - 99

We can at least passionately love Our Lord, and allow ourselves to be ruled by His love. Do you love no one in the world?

Mothers, have you not a passionate love for your children? Husbands and wives, do you not love each other with passion? Children, is there room in your hearts for any other than your parents? Ah, well, bring that love to bear upon Our Lord! There are not two loves; there is but one. Our Lord does not ask you to have two hearts, one for Him and another for those whom you love here below. Mothers, love, then, the Most Blessed Sacrament with your mother-heart, love Jesus as a Son. Spouses, love Him as your Spouse! Children, love Him as your Father! There is in you one same power of love, but tending toward different objects, and with different motives. There are those that love their relations, their friends even to folly, but that do not know how to love the good God! What they do for the creature, is what they ought to do for God, with this exception only, that they must love the good God without measure and always more and more.

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