In the order of salvation, a passion is necessary to rule our lives and make it produce for the glory of God all the fruits that the Lord expects from us.

Let us love such or such a virtue, such or such a truth, such a mystery with passion. Let us devote our life to it, let us consecrate our thoughts and works to it. If we do not, we shall never accomplish anything. We shall be but day-laborers, never heroes! Let us have a passionate love for the Eucharist. Let us love Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament with all the ardor of worldly lovers but through supernatural motives. To reach that point, we must commence by submitting our mind to the influence of this passion. Let us nourish it on faith, strongly persuading ourselves of the truth of the Eucharist, of the truth of the love that Our Lord there manifests for us. We must form to ourselves a great idea, a ravishing contemplation of Our Lord’s love and presence. We shall thereby give to our love a food that will increase its flame, and it will never die out. A man of genius conceives the idea of a masterpiece. He embraces it with all the ardor of his soul, he is enraptured by it. He determines to realize his ideal by all possible means, at the price of every sacrifice. He never wearies, no difficulty daunts him. His masterpiece is ever before him, it overrules every other thought. He sees it constantly, and he cannot turn his mind away from it. Well, in the same way, let us behold Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament, let us look at His love. O how this thought seizes upon us, ravishes us! What, is it possible that Our Lord loves to such a degree as constantly to give Himself without tiring? Our mind fixes itself then on Our Lord. All our thoughts fly toward Him to study Him. We seek to dive into the reasons for so great love of us. We are amazed, ravished out of ourselves, and our heart utters the cry, "How can I respond to such love?" This is the love of the heart that forms itself to love. We love well only what we know well. And the heart bounds toward the Most Blessed Sacrament! It bounds! It has not the patience to walk. "Jesus loves me! He loves me in His Sacrament!" The heart, if it could, would burst its envelope of flesh to unite itself more closely with Our Lord. Behold the saints! Their love transports them, inflames them, makes them suffer. It is a fire which consumes them, exhausts their strength and, at last, makes them die. O happy, blessed death!

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