When I shall be elevated above the earth, I shall draw all things to Myself.

It was first from the height of His Cross that Our Lord drew all souls to Himself by redeeming them. But, surely, in pronouncing these words He had also in view His Eucharistic throne, to the foot of which He wished to attract all souls that He might bind them to it by the chains of His love. Our Lord desired to inspire us with a passionate love for Him. No virtue, no thought that does not end in ardent desire, that does not even become a passion, will ever produce anything great. It is not love, it is only the affection of a child, who loves by instinct and because he feels himself loved, who loves himself in those that are good to him. A servant may devote himself; but he will love truly only when he devotes himself through affection for his masters, without thought of personal interest. Love triumphs only when it becomes in us the passion of our life. Without that we may, indeed, produce some acts of it from time to time, more or less frequent; but our life is not given to it, is not absorbed in it. Now, so long as we do not possess a passionate love for Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament, we shall have done nothing. Our Lord certainly loves us there with passion, loves blindly, never thinking of Himself, sacrificing Himself entirely for us. We must make Him a like return.

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