The Sorrowful Mysteries

Jesus is here through love.  

I must ask, if we believe in His Presence and if we love Him, how is it that we do not make Him some gift in return for His love? That is what I cannot understand. Apart from the merit, the graces you would gain by your gifts, is it not a great privilege to be able to give to Our Lord, to be able to honor the King? Surely, everyone is not admitted to present his homage to an earthly king. An audience with royalty is obtained only through the influence of the great. Would we even dare to offer a friend in a position higher than our own a festal bouquet? Would we be so familiar toward him? Well, Jesus is, indeed, a King, and it is He who makes the kings of the earth; but yet He puts aside the royal etiquette of earth and allows us constantly to present to Him our homage; He even expects it. Ah, what honor for us! Let us profit by it, for only here below can we give. Yes, here below God wills to receive from our hands. Ah, may you often have the happiness of saying: "I have given to Our Lord!" He will give to you in return.

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