Not only is Jesus’ Presence the life of exterior worship, but it gives us the occasion of offering alms to Our Lord.

Yes, we are happier than the saints in this respect. They receive, but no longer give; and Jesus has said: "It is more blessed to give than to receive." Now, we can give to Jesus. We give Him our money, our bread, our time, our sweat, our blood. Is not that the greatest of consolations? Our Lord comes from heaven with only His goodness. He brings nothing else, and He expects from His faithful ones all that is required for His existence here below. His temple, the matter of His Sacrifice, the lights, the vessels necessary for Him to make Himself a Sacrament — we give Him all that. Without these lights, without this little throne. Our Lord cannot come out of His tabernacle. We give them to Him, and we may say to Him: "Thou art on a beautiful throne. We raised it for Thee. We opened the door of Thy prison, and scattered the cloud that hid Thee, O Sun of Love! Dart Thy rays now into our hearts!" And Jesus owes a debt! He can pay His debts, and He will pay them. He has become security for His poor and suffering members: "All that you do for the least of My brethren, I will return to you a hundredfold." But if Jesus pays the debts of others, much more surely will He pay His own. On the Day of Judgment, we may say to Him: "We have visited Thee not only in Thy poor but in Thyself, in Thy august Person. What wilt Thou give us in return?" Worldlings never understand this. "Give, give to the poor, but to the Church — of what use is that? This lavish expenditure on altars is all a waste!" It is thus they think. No, the Church calls for a living worship, because she possesses her Saviour living upon the earth. What a happiness, then, to lay up eternal funds by giving to Our Lord! Is this something of no account? But that is not all. To give to Jesus is a consolation, a happiness. It is still more — it is a necessity.

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