Daily Reflections on the Eucharist Day - 91

He was obliged to make the carnal Jews tremble and to lead them by fear.

But in our day when He has become incarnate, He wishes us to serve Him by love, and He writes on His Tabernacle: "Come all to Me, and I will refresh you. Come, I am meek and humble of Heart." During His mortal life, Our Lord acquired His title of Good. The disciples and even His enemies called Him Magister bone, Good Master. It is in our day, it is in the Eucharist that Our Lord wishes to enjoy His title of Good Master. Far from changing, He has increased His familiarity with us. He wishes us to reflect on His tenderness, to enlarge our heart, to find our happiness in beholding Him who has drawn us to His feet. This is the meaning of His sacramental veil. We are more powerfully attracted to the great than to the good. If Our Lord should show us His glory we would rest in it without going to His Heart. We should be like the Jews of old, but Our Lord wants us to be children. And so He wants exterior respect only as a first act, a preliminary act, which leads us to His Heart, upon which He will make us rest in peace. If we saw Him in His grandeur, we should tremble, we should fall to the ground, we should never make an act of love. Ah! we are not yet in heaven! There are books that speak only of the majesty of God. That is all very well in passing; but to pause on God's greatness, to make our whole prayer on it, is not desirable, for it fatigues. Before our good Lord, we can pray one hour, even two hours, without straining the mind. If distractions come, we ask His pardon, and this as often as they present themselves. We do not become weary, for we know that we shall always obtain the pardon we ask. 

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