Jesus, having loved His own who were in the world, loved them unto the end. (John xiii, 2.)

How good is our Lord Jesus! how loving! Not satisfied with having become our Brother by His Incarnation, our Saviour by His Passion, — not content with having delivered Himself for us, He wills to carry His love so far as to make Himself our Sacrament of Life!

With what joy He made ready this great, this supreme Gift of His love! With what satisfaction He instituted the Eucharist, and bequeathed It to us as His Legacy!

Let us follow Divine Wisdom in His preparation for the Eucharist. Let us adore His power, exhausting itself in this act of love. Long before Its institution, Jesus revealed the Eucharist. He was born in Bethlehem, the house of bread, domus panis. There He was cradled upon straw, which then bore, as it were, the real ear of wheat. At Cana, when He changed water into wine, and in the desert, when He multiplied the loaves, it was the Eucharist that He was foreshadowing; and in the desert, as we know, to the foreshadow He added a clear promise of the Eucharist. — It was a public and formal promise. He swore with an oath that He would give His Flesh to be eaten and His Blood to be drunk. That was the remote preparation. Now comes the moment to prepare more immediately for the Eucharist. Here Jesus wills to do all Himself.

Love never makes over its obligations to others. Love does all itself. It glories in so doing. First of all, Jesus designates the city, Jerusalem, the city of sacrifice in the Old Law. He points out the house — the Cenacle. Next, He chooses His ministers for the work — Peter and John — Peter, the disciple of faith; and John, the disciple of love. He appoints the hour — the last of His life of which He can freely dispose. Lastly, He goes from Bethany to the Cenacle. He is full of joy. His steps are quick, He does not wait along the way. Love runs to meet sacrifice.

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