Daily Reflections on the Eucharist Day - 89

He who has faith knows where he is going.

He knows that he is going to the church, to Jesus Christ. Like St. Bernard, he says to all his occupations when entering: "Remain outside. I must go to God for refreshment." Act thus. You know how long you have to remain in church, so during that time, leave everything else. If you come to pray, then you have not come to think over your business affairs. If distractions, the imagination, preoccupations disturb you, send them outside the door without troubling yourself about them, and do you remain inside. Offer yourself to Our Lord in the spirit of respect and reparation. Be more recollected, and let Our Lord see that you detest your distractions. By your demeanor, if not by your interior, do homage to His Divinity, His Presence; and if you do only that, you will already be doing a great deal. Watch a saint entering a church. He does so without thinking of those that may be there, forgetting everything, seeing only Jesus Christ. In presence of the Pope, one thinks not of Bishops or Cardinals, and in heaven, the saints are not amusing themselves with honoring one another. No, to God alone all honor, all glory! Act, then, on this principle: In the church, there is only Our Lord. After entering, remain perfectly quiet for a moment. Silence is the greatest mark of respect, and the first disposition for prayer is respect. Most of our dryness and indevotion in prayer come from our want of respect to Our Lord on our first appearing before Him, or from the fact that we do not maintain a respectful position. Oh, let us take a firm resolution to practice this instinctive respect! There is no necessity for reasoning on that point. Must Our Lord prove to us His Presence every time we enter a church? Ought He to send an angel every time to tell us that He is there? That would, indeed, be very deplorable, though, alas! very necessary.

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