The respect to our Lord present ought not to be respect springing from reason.

When in the Court, the King is announced, all rise instinctively. When the Sovereign passes, all salute; there is one spontaneous movement of respect and deference. He who has lost sentiment or who seeks to destroy it in others is no longer a man. Oh! how Catholics have to blush for their little respect before Our Lord! I am now speaking of only the respect of instinct. Go into a synagogue. If you were to act or speak disrespectfully, you would be put out. To enter a mosque, you are obliged to lay aside your shoes. And yet these infidels have nothing real in their temples, and we have all! In spite of that, their respect far surpasses ours.

Our Lord had good right to say that the demon is more honored than He, "I have brought up children, and they have despised Me!" I ask mothers whether they would be well satisfied to be publicly scorned by their children. Why do we do in presence of Our Lord what would wound us so much if done in our own? Why are we less sensitive when there is question of the honor of Jesus Christ than when our own dignity is at stake? What could be more false? Our dignity comes to us only from God, by reflection. By neglecting the respect due to Our Lord, we are destroying our own. Oh, were Our Lord to punish us as we deserve for our failures in respect ! He caused Heliodorus to be scourged severely for having profaned His Temple; but there is more here than in the Temple. Let us, then, give to Our Lord our first homage of respect on entering His Presence. Should levity or carelessness precede this homage, ah, we are miserable! Yes, our greatest sins against faith are those of failures in respect.

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