Daily Reflections on the Eucharist Day - 87

O judge of a family, we must see whether the law of respect is observed in it. Where the children, the servants, are submissive and respectful, we may say, "Behold a good and happy family!"

Respect and honor rendered to parents form the religion of the family, just as respect for the Sovereign or his representatives is the religion of society. It is not the qualities of these persons that we are called upon to honor, but the dignity that comes from God. Now, we owe respect to Our Lord; it is our first obligation. We owe Him spontaneous respect, instinctive respect, not founded on reasoning, and this under pain of being wanting in the sense of faith. This is instinctive. Our Lord must be honored wherever He is. His dignity as Man-God demands it. At His Name, every knee should bend in heaven, on earth, and in hell. In heaven, the angels prostrate before His Majesty, trembling and adoring. The place of the glory of Our Lord is also that of His sovereign respect. On earth, all creatures obey Our Lord. The sea bows down under His feet in adoration. The sun and stars honor Him; they mourn when men revile Him. In hell, the reprobate tremble under the justice of the severe Judge of the living and the dead.

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