The Eucharist is the divine lightning-rod which turns away from us the thunderbolts of Divine Justice.

Like a loving and devoted mother who, to screen her child from the anger of an irritated father, hides him in her bosom, clasps him in her arms, and shields him with her own body, so Jesus multiplies Himself throughout the world, covers the whole world, envelops it with His merciful Presence. Divine Justice knows not where to strike. It dares not. And against the demon, what protection! The Blood of Jesus tingeing our lips makes us terrible to Satan. We are marked with the Blood of the true Lamb, and the exterminating angel will not enter. The Eucharist protects the guilty, in order that he may have time to repent. In olden times, the murderer, pursued by the law, used to flee into some church, whence they could not drag him to punishment. He saved his life in the shadow of the mercy of Jesus Christ. Ah! without the Eucharist, without this perpetual Calvary, how often would the divine wrath have burst upon our head! How unhappy are they who no longer have the Eucharist! What darkness! What lawlessness of mind! What coldness of heart! Satan alone reigns as master and with him every evil passion! As for us, the Eucharist delivers us from all evils!

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