Christ reigns! Jesus reigns not over lands, but over souls, and that by the Eucharist.

A king ought to reign by his laws and by the love that his subjects bear him. Now, the Eucharist is the law of the Christian, a law of love, a law of charity, published in the Cenacle during the admirable discourse after the Last Supper: Love one another, this is My commandment. Love one another as I have loved you. Abide in Me, and keep My commandments. The Eucharist is the law revealed in Communion. Like the disciples of Emmaus, the Christian then sees clearly and understands the law in all its fullness. It was the "Breaking of the Bread" that rendered the first Christians so strong against persecution, so faithful to the practice of the law of Jesus Christ: They persevered in the breaking of bread. The law of Jesus Christ is one, holy, universal, eternal. Nothing in it will ever be changed, nothing ever be weakened, for Jesus Christ Himself, its Divine Author, guards it. The Legislator Himself promulgates to every soul His divine law. The Eucharist is a law of love. How many kings reign by love? It is only Jesus Christ whose yoke has not been imposed by force. His reign is sweetness itself. His true subjects are devoted to Him in life and in death, they even give their lives rather than be unfaithful to Him.

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