Daily Reflections on the Eucharist Day - 83

Christ conquers! Our Lord has combated. He has remained Master of the field of battle, and there He has planted His standard, there He has fixed His abode, the Sacred Host, the Eucharistic tabernacle.

He has vanquishes, and He has a tabernacle on Calvary, where all nations come to adore Him under the Species of the Sacrament. He has vanquished paganism, and has chosen for His capital Rome, the city of the Caesars. His tabernacle is in the temple of Jupiter, Jupiter the Thunderer. He has vanquished the false wisdom of the sages and, becoming the Divine Eucharist, He rises upon the world, and extends His rays over the whole earth, darkness fleeing like the shadows of night at the approach of the sun. Idols have been overthrown, sacrifices abolished. Jesus in the Eucharist is a Conqueror who never pauses, who marches straight on. He wills to subject the whole world to His sweet empire. Whenever He takes possession of a country. He erects His royal Eucharistic tent. The erection of a tabernacle is His taking possession. In our days He is still journeying among benighted nations and, wherever He goes, wherever the Eucharist is borne, nations are converted to Christianity. This is the secret of the triumph of our Catholic missionaries, and of the failure of Protestant preachers. In the latter, man combats; in the former Jesus Christ... He triumphs.

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