It is true, also, that the world makes every effort to prevent Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament from being loved with a love that is real and practical, in order to prevent His being visited, in order to paralyze the effects of His love.

It absorbs, binds, captivates souls in many occupations, in exterior good works, in order to divert them from applying their thoughts for any length of time to the love of Jesus. It even combats directly this practical love, representing it as superfluous, as possible only in the cloister. At every instant, Satan is warring against our love of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament. He knows that Jesus is there living, attracting and possessing souls; therefore, he drives from us the thought, effaces from our mind the good impression made by the Eucharist. And yet God is all love. And the sweet Saviour cries to us from His Host: "Love Me as I have loved thee! Abide in My love! I am come to cast upon earth the fire of love, and what will I but that it inflame all hearts!" O at death and after death, what shall we think of the Eucharist when we behold It, when we know all Its goodness, love, and riches? O my God, my God! what dost Thou think of me who have known Thee so long, who have communicated so often! Thou hast given me all that Thou couldst give me. Thou dost will that I serve Thee in return, and I have not yet acquired the first virtue of this service. Thou art not yet the sovereign law of my life, the centre of my heart, the end of my existence. What hast Thou still to do in order to triumph over my heart? — Lord, it is over, the victory is Thine! Henceforth my device shall be: Either the Eucharist or death!

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