Daily Reflections on the Eucharist Day - 79

Alas! It is but too true, Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament is not loved!

First of all, He is not loved by those millions of pagans, infidels, schismatics, and heretics, who either do not know or who know only in a bad sense, the Holy Eucharist. O among so many thousands of creatures upon whom God has bestowed a heart capable of loving, how many would love the Blessed Sacrament if they knew It as I do! Ought I not, at least, to endeavor to love It for them and instead of them? Among Catholics, few, very few love Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament. How many think of Him frequently? speak of Him? go to adore Him, to receive Him? Why this forgetfulness, this coldness? O it is because they have never tasted the Eucharist, Its sweetness, the delights of Its love! It is because they have never known Jesus in His goodness. It is because they distrust the extent of His love in the Most Blessed Sacrament! Some believe in Jesus Christ, but their faith is inactive. It is a faith so superficial that it reaches not to the heart; it is limited to the rigorous demands of conscience and salvation. And yet these last are not numerous when compared with those other Catholics who live like true pagans, as if they had never heard the Eucharist mentioned.

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