Daily Reflections on the Eucharist Day - 78

When the sun goes down, darkness gathers; when it no longer shines, it grows cold.

If the love of the Eucharist becomes extinguished in a heart, faith is lost, indifference reigns and, in this night of the soul, the vices prowl around like savage beasts in search of their prey.  Oh! incomparable misfortune! What can revive a frozen heart which the Eucharist is powerless to warm? What Jesus Christ does for individuals, He does for nations. He is no longer loved, respected, known; they abandon Him, they despise Him. What would a king do if abandoned by his subjects? Jesus would go away! He would go to a better people. What a sad sight does this abandonment of Our Lord present! He once had a tabernacle in the Cenacle. Today it no longer counts true adorers. What, think you, Jesus should do there? Egypt, Africa, once the classic land of saints, inhabited by legions of holy monks, Jesus Christ has abandoned. Since the Eucharist is no longer there, desolation reigns. But be assured that Jesus Christ was the last to leave those places, and only when a true adorer could no longer be found in them.

This wave of desolation has passed over Europe, also. Jesus has been driven from His temples and profaned upon His altars. He returned to them no more. France has seen her faith diminish, her love for the Eucharist grow cold. Her churches in which Jesus Christ once had fervent adorers have been delivered over to heresy. When love died out, Jesus fled! And He has not returned. What affrights in our own day, is to see so many cities in which Jesus Eucharistic is abandoned, left alone, absolutely alone. And in country places, the churches are closed for fear of robbers and because there is no one to visit them. Can this be possible? Do we, then, wish to lose the Eucharist? Ah! we ought to know that when Jesus goes away, the scaffold, persecution, and barbarism return. Who, then, could arrest these scourges? O Lord, remain with us! We will be Thy faithful adorers! Better by far is exile, poverty, and death than to be deprived of Thee! O never inflict on us the punishment of abandoning the sanctuary of Thy love! Lord, abide with us, for it is late, and without Thee, it is a dark night.

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