Daily Reflections on the Eucharist Day - 77

This is a Gift above all gifts — are we sure of always possessing It?

Jesus Christ has promised to remain with His Church even to the consummation of ages. He made that promise to no particular nation, to no particular individual. He will remain with us if we study to surround His Sacred Person with love and honor. That is the expressed condition. Jesus Christ has a right to honor, and He demands it. He is our King, our Saviour. To Him, honor above all honor. To Him the supreme worship of latria. To Him public homage, for we are His people. The heavenly Court prostrates before the Lamb immolated. Here below, Jesus on entering into the world received the adoration of the angels, that of the multitudes during His life, and of the Apostles after His Resurrection. Nations and kings came to adore Him. In the Sacrament has He not a right to still more honor, since He multiplies therein His sacrifices and abases Himself to such a degree?

To Him, then, be solemn honor, the magnificence, the richness, the beauty of worship. God prescribed the least details of the Mosaic worship, and yet that was only a figure. The ages of faith never thought they could do enough for the splendor of Eucharistic worship. Witness their basilicas, their sacred vessels, their ornaments, masterpieces of art and magnificence. Faith works wonders. The worship, the honor rendered to Jesus Christ are the measure of the faith of a nation, the expression of its virtue. Honor, then, to Jesus Christ! He is worthy of it. He has a right to it. But He would not be satisfied with external honor. He demands the worship of our love. He wishes our interior service, the homage of our spirit, not shut up in our own breast, but shown forth by those tender attentions, that a good child, who lives around father and mother, constantly pays them.

Such a child feels the need of seeing them, of giving them proofs of his affection. Absence from them makes him anxious and uneasy. He flies to them in their every need, he anticipates their desires as far as he can, he is ready to do all in his power to please his good father, his good mother — that is the worship of natural affection. The worship of love which Jesus Eucharistic demands is the same. He who loves, seeks the Eucharist. He speaks of It willingly, he has need of Jesus. He tends incessantly to Him, offering Him all his actions, all the pleasures of his heart, his joys, his consolations. He forms them all into a bouquet for Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament. It is at this cost that we shall keep the Most Blessed Sacrament. To lose It would be the greatest evil.

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