Jesus is the Sovereign Good!

"With Him," says the Wise Man, "are come all good things." And St. Paul exclaims: "Since God hath given us His Son, how hath He not also with Him given us all things?" All that He has, in effect, all that He is. He gives to us. He can do no more.  With Jesus in the Eucharist, light shines upon the world. With the Eucharist we have the Bread of the Strong, the Viaticum of the Pilgrim, the Wheat of the Elect, which will aid us to reach the mountain of God, and the Manna, which will enable us to support the horror of the desert. With Jesus, we have consolation and repose in fatigue, in the troubles of our soul, and the sorrows of our heart. We find in the Eucharist the remedy for our ills, the price of the new debts that we daily contract toward Divine Justice by our sins. Our Lord offers Himself every morning as the Victim of propitiation for the sins of the world.

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