He tells us: "Without Me, ye can do nothing."

He alone gives grace. He reserves to Himself the disposition of it, in order to force us to go to Him and ask for it. By this, He desires to establish and foster union with us. He reserves consolation and peace, that in our trials and troubles we may flee to Him. He wishes to be the only happiness of our heart. He has placed this center of repose in none other than Himself: "Abide in Me!" That He may never fail us when we seek Him, He is always at our service, always ready, always amiable. He draws us incessantly to Himself. The life of love is only this constant attraction of our soul toward Him. Alas! this center is still weak in me! How thoughtless, rare, often interrupted for long hours, are my aspirations to Jesus! And yet He repeats to me: "He who loves Me, abides in Me, and I in him!"

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