Daily Reflections on the Eucharist Day - 74

What strikes me in this is, that the Eucharistic Centre is hidden, invisible, wholly interior; and yet it is most real, living and supporting.

Jesus attracts the soul spiritually in the entirely spiritualized state in which He is in the Blessed Sacrament. What is, in truth, Jesus’ life in the Most Blessed Sacrament? It is entirely hidden, altogether interior. In It He hides His power and goodness, yes, even His Divine Person. All His actions and virtues partake of this simple and hidden character. He calls for silence around Him. No longer does He pray to His father with sighs and groans, as in the Garden of Olives. His own annihilation is now His prayer. All graces flow from the Sacred Host. Jesus from His Host sanctifies the world, but in a manner secret and spiritual. He governs the world and the Church without disturbing His repose or breaking His silence. Such should be Jesus’ kingdom, wholly interior. I should gather all my powers around. Him, my faculties, my understanding, my will, and my senses, as far as possible. I should live of Jesus and not of self, in Jesus and not in self. I should pray with Him, immolate myself with Him, consume myself in one same love with Him. I should become in Him one single flame, one single heart, one single life. This life is most pleasing to His Heart, most honorable to His Father. Our Lord ardently longs for it. He says to me: "Go out of thyself. Come into solitude with Me, and I will speak to thy heart, one to one." Ah! this life in Jesus is the love of preference. It is the gift of self, the labor of union. By it we take root, we prepare the nourishment, the sap of the tree. The Kingdom of God is within you.

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