Man’s heart needs some center for its affections, some spot wherein it may expand.

God said when creating the first man, and it was with this thought: "It is not good for man to be alone. Let us make him a companion like unto himself." And the Imitation says: "Without a friend, one cannot be happy." Ah, well! Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament wishes to be the center of all hearts. He says to us: "Abide in My love."  And, "Abide in Me." What is it to abide in the love of Our Lord? It is to make of that Love which lives in the Eucharist the center of one’s life, the only center of one’s consolation. It is to cast one’s self into the Heart of Jesus, in the midst of trials, anxiety, disappointments, in those moments in which the heart pours itself out. He invites us to do so, "Come to Me, all you who are burdened, and I will refresh you." In joy, it is to refer our happiness to Our Lord, for true friendship wishes to rejoice only with the friend. It is to make the Eucharist the center of one’s desires, "Lord, I wish only what You will. I shall do so and so only to give You pleasure." It is to surprise Our Lord by a gift, a little sacrifice. It is to live by the Eucharist, to direct our actions by the thought of It, to make it an invariable rule to prefer Its good service to everything else. Ah, is Jesus Christ truly our center? Perhaps in a time of extraordinary trials, in prayers more fervent than usual, in more urgent needs, He is; but in our everyday life, do we deliberate, do we act in Jesus as in our center? Why is Our Lord not my center?

Because He is not the self of myself; because I am not yet entirely under His direction, under the inspiration of His good pleasure; because I have desires that are opposed to His in my regard. He is not wholly in me! And yet the child labors for its parents, the angel for its God. I, then, should labor for Jesus Christ, my Master. How shall I do it? Enter into this center, remain therein, act therein, not by the sentiment of His sweetness, which I cannot command at will, but by frequent aspirations, the homage of every action. Come, then, O my soul, leave the world, go out of thyself, abandon self. Turn to the God of the Eucharist. He has an abode in which to receive thee, and He is waiting for thee. He wants to live with thee, to live in thee. Live in Jesus present in thy heart, live the life of the heart, live in the goodness of Jesus Eucharistic. Labor, O my soul, by Our Lord in thee, and do nothing but by Him. Abide in Our Lord. Abide in Him by a sentiment of devotedness, of holy joy, of readiness to do all that He demands of thee. Abide in the Heart and in the peace of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

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