During His life, Heaven looked on amazed at the sight of a God become poor for love of man, to be his model, and to teach him the price of poverty.

No child ever came into this world so poor as the Incarnate Word, whose crib was the straw of cattle, whose shelter was the retreat of animals. In His later years He ate only barley bread, the bread of the poor; and during His evangelical life, He lived on alms. Lastly, He died in destitution that will never be equalled. And behold even now, glorious and resuscitated, poverty is still His companion. He has found the means of honoring and practicing poverty. Yes, Jesus, dwelling in our midst in His Sacrament, is even poorer than during the days of His mortal life. A poor church, worse, perhaps, than the grotto of Bethlehem, is very often His dwelling-place. Four boards, often worm-eaten, form His tabernacle. His priests or His faithful have to supply Him with everything as an alms: the matter for the Holy Sacrifice, the bread, and the wine; the linen in which to receive Him or to cover Him, the corporals and the altar-cloths. He brings from heaven only His adorable Person and His love. The poor are without honor - Jesus is there without glory. The poor are defenseless - Jesus is there abandoned to all His enemies. The poor have few or no friends - Jesus in the Eucharist has very few. He is a stranger unknown by the majority of men. O how beautiful, how attractive is this Eucharistic poverty of Our Lord!

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