Lastly, petition or supplication, must crown adoration, and make of it the glorious trophy. Impetration is the strength, the power of Eucharistic prayer. All cannot preach Jesus by word of mouth, nor labor directly at the conversion of sinners and the sanctification of souls; but every adorer has the mission of prayer, of Eucharistic prayer, in the midst of the splendors of worship, at the foot of the throne of grace and mercy.

To pray is to glorify the infinite goodness of God; it is to render the divine mercy active; it is to rejoice, to dilate the love of God for His creature by accomplishing the law of grace, which is prayer. Prayer is, then, man’s greatest glorification of God. Prayer is man’s greatest virtue. It is a combination of all the virtues because they all prepare it and compose it. Prayer is faith believing, hope supplicating, love demanding. Prayer is the humility of the heart that formulates it, the confidence that utters it, and the perseverance which triumphs over God Himself! Eucharistic prayer has a still higher excellence. Like a fiery dart, it rises directly to the heart of God. It, as it were, restores Jesus to life in His Sacrament, unbinds His power, and sets Him to work. Still more, the adorer prays through Jesus Christ. He places Him on His throne of intercession near the Father, as the Divine Advocate of His ransomed brethren.

But why is it necessary to pray? This sentence: Adveniat regnum tuum — Thy kingdom come, ought to be the end, as well as the rule, of every adorer’s prayer. He ought to pray that the light of the truth of Jesus Christ may shine upon all men, upon infidels, unbelievers, heretics, schismatics; he ought to ask for their return to the true Faith, as well as to true charity. He ought to pray for the reign of Jesus’ sanctity in the Faithful, in His religious, in His priests, that He may live in them by His love. He ought to pray, above all, for the Sovereign Pontiff, for all intentions dear to his heart, for the Bishop of the diocese, that God may further his zealous desires; for all his priests, that God may bless their apostolic labors, and inflame them with zeal for His glory and love for Holy Church. In order to vary his petitions, the adorer may paraphrase sometimes the Lord’s Prayer, the devout Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus, or the following beautiful petitions:

  • Soul of Jesus most holy, sanctify me!
  • Body of Jesus, save me!
  • Most pure Heart of Jesus, purify me, enlighten me, inflame me!
  • Blood of Jesus, inebriate me!
  • Sacred water from the Side of Jesus, wash me! 
  • Passion of Jesus, strengthen me!
  • Jesus, hide me in Thy Wounds!
  • Permit not that sin will ever to separate me from Thee!
  • Defend me from the evil spirit!  
  • Command me to come to Thee at the hour of death, that with all the saints I may praise Thee eternally! Amen.

Let no adorer retire from the presence of his Divine Master without thanking Him for the loving audience accorded him. Let him ask pardon for his distraction and irreverence. Let him offer in faithful homage a flower of virtue, a bouquet of little sacrifices. This done, let him depart as from the Cenacle, as the angels leave the throne of God to fly to the accomplishment of His divine commands

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