Daily Reflections on the Eucharist Day - 69

The kindness of Jesus in the Eucharist approaches even to weakness.

Oh, let us not be scandalized here! It is the triumph of Eucharistic goodness. Behold a mother whose tenderness knows no limit but death. Behold the father of the prodigal who runs out to meet his son, who weeps with Joy seeing once more that ingrate who had spent his fortune riotously. The world calls that weakness, but it is the heroism of love. What shall we say of the goodness of the God of the Eucharist? Ah, yes. Lord! We must call it the scandal of Thy goodness.

Jesus surrounds Himself with weakness in the Blessed Sacrament. He allows Himself to be insulted, dishonored, despised, profaned under His eyes, in His own presence, at the foot of His altars! And does not the angel of the Divine Eucharist Strike these new Judases? No, nothing of the kind. And does the Heavenly Father allow His Well-Beloved Son to be insulted? This is worse than Calvary. There, at least, the sun veiled itself in horror, the elements mourned over their Creator. But here, nothing! The Calvary of the Eucharist is everywhere raised. It began at the Cenacle, and it covers the earth. It will endure till the last moment of the world. O God, why this excess? It is the combat of goodness against ingratitude. It is Jesus wishing to show forth more love than man has hatred, wishing to love man in spite of himself, to do him good in spite of himself. He resigns Himself to everything rather than avenge Himself. He wants to gain man by His goodness. Behold the goodness of Jesus, without glory, without display, full of weakness, but all resplendent with love for those that will only see it. 

Lord Jesus, God of the Eucharist, how good Thou art! 

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