Daily Reflections on the Eucharist Day - 67

Jesus gives Himself to us without reserve.

Patiently and with admirable meekness, He waits for us to come and receive Him. He gives Himself to all, rejecting no one. He waits for the poor and the sinner. The poor man early in the morning, before his labor begins, comes to receive a sweet benediction upon his day. The manna fell into the camp of the Israelites before the rising of the sun in order that they might not have to wait for the celestial nourishment. Our Lord is always upon His altar. He is beforehand with even His first visitor. Happy he who receives the first blessing of the Saviour! And what about sinners? Jesus in the Sacrament waits for them weeks, months, and even years. For forty, for sixty years. He holds out His arms toward one, who at last yields to His entreaties. "let all come unto Me!" Ah, if they could see the joy of Our Lord when they go to Him! They would say that He is disinterested, that it is He who is the gainer. Oh, why do they make this good Saviour wait so long? Alas! He has to do it. Some will never come, or only when borne upon a bier. But then, alas, it will be too late. They will then find only an angry Judge.

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