Now, Jesus Christ gives Himself to us in the Eucharist without any display of dignity.

Among men, we are made to feel more or less the price of what is given to us, and, indeed, it is necessary to maintain the respect and honor of social relations. But Jesus, in His great kindness, does not wish even that. He wants us to have easy access to Him. His body is glorified as It is in heaven. He reigns, and the angels form His court. But He hides His glory, He conceals His Body, His Soul, His Divinity. Nothing appears but the veil of His goodness. He abases Himself. He humiliates Himself, He annihilates Himself, that we may feel no fear of Him. In the days of His mortal life. He was so sweet, so humble in His demeanor that every one dared approach Him. Children, women, the poor, the lepers — all went fearlessly to Him. Now that His Body is glorified. He could not appear without dazzling us; therefore, He veils Himself. No one fears to enter the church. It is open to all. We know that we are approaching a kind Father, who is waiting for our coming that He may do us some good, converse familiarly with us - "Quam bonus Israel Deus!" How good is God to Israel!

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