Daily Reflections on the Eucharist Day - 66

Jesus presence alone diminishes the demon's power, prevents their exercising dominion as they did before the Incarnation.

Since the coming of the Saviour there have been comparatively few cases of demoniacal possession. Infidel countries have many more than ours, and the reign of Satan diminishes as faith in the Eucharist increases. And your temptations, sometimes so terrible, so frightful, are they not frequently subdued as soon as you enter a church, as soon as you enter into communication with Jesus in the Eucharist? It is always He, understand it well, who commands the tempests. Jesus is, then, with us, and as long as there shall be one adorer on earth, Jesus will be with him to protect him.

Behold the secret of the long life of the Church. Does anyone fear the enemies of the Church? — It is a lack of faith! But we must honor and serve Our Lord in His Sacrament. How would the father of a family feel, were he despised and insulted by his household? He would be angered against them. Let us take good care of Jesus, and we shall have nothing to fear. If we love Jesus in the Eucharist, if we repent of our faults when we have given Him pain, He will not abandon us. The essential point is for us not to abandon Him first. He must always be able to say, "I have one with Me!" And when the strong-armed occupies his house, the family is in peace.

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