Daily Reflections on the Eucharist Day - 65

We find our protection, our safeguard in the presence of Our Lord.

Jesus has said, "Do not defend yourself. If they insult you, pardon. If they take from you your mantle, give them your tunic, also." Jesus seems to give us here below as Christians only one right, namely, the right to the persecution and malediction of men. Now, if they should take away from us the Eucharist, where should we go to draw strength to follow such teaching? Life would no longer be supportable. Jesus would have condemned us to intolerable servitude. What king abandons his people after having engaged them in a bloody war? We have the hope of heaven, it is true. But how far off is our reward! What! We still have twenty, forty years to live on this earth of misery, and during that time we shall have to live in the hope of what is so far off?

But our heart has need of consolation. It has the need of pouring itself out into the bosom of a friend. We are forbidden to seek our consolation in the world. Where, then, or to whom shall we go? He who has no faith in the Eucharist replies, "I will abandon my religion, and I will embrace another which will leave me free." That is logic. We cannot always endure trials with never any consolation. It is impossible to live without Jesus. In His Sacrament we shall find Friend, Guide, Father. The child who runs to receive a kiss from its mother, is not more happy than the faithful soul who converses with Jesus. I cannot understand how they who suffer have not a great devotion toward the Eucharist. They that have not such devotion, generally end in despair. I am not surprised at that, for even St. Paul, though inundated with so many graces, found life heavy and wearisome. Oh, without the presence of Him who says to the passions, "Ye shall mount no higher! Ye shall not invade the head and the heart of this man," we become fools! How good Jesus has been in perpetuating Himself in the Eucharist!

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