Behold a family grouped around a good father. How happy they are!

But its head is snatched away. Tears take the place of joy and happiness. It is no longer a family, for it has no father. Now, Jesus came upon earth to form a family. His children will be, as the Prophet says, like olive plants, joyful round about His table. But should our Head disappear, the family will be dispersed. Without Our Lord, we should be like the Apostles during His Passion, wandering, and knowing not what to think. And yet they were not far from Our Lord. They had received everything from Him, they had seen His miracles, and His life had passed away before their eyes. That is true, but they wanted their Father. They were no longer one family, they were no longer brethren. Everyone went about his own affairs. What society can subsist without a head? The Eucharist is, then, the bond of union of the Christian family. Take It away, and fraternity exists no longer. Have Protestants, who no longer possess the Eucharist — have they Christian fraternity? They are strangers to one another. Even when united in their temples, they do not make one family. Everyone is free to think and speak as he understands. Their temples are only large halls. Do they invite to prayer?

Are Catholics who do not frequent the Eucharist still brethren? We cannot say so.  And in families in which the father or the brothers do not communicate, the spirit of union is not seen, the mother is a martyr, and the sisters are persecuted. No, no! Without the Eucharist, there is no family. But if Jesus reappears, the family is reunited. Behold the great family of the Church! They have their feasts, and they understand them. They have the feasts of the Father of the family, of the Mother, of the saints, our brethren. These feasts have a reason for their existence. Oh, Jesus knew well that, as long as the Christian family should exist. He would have to be its Father, its center, its pleasure, its joy, its happiness! When we meet, we can also salute one another fraternally. We go out from the same Table. The Apostles instinctively called the first Christians their brethren. The demon knows well that, by removing souls from the Eucharist, he destroys the Christian family, and we become egoists; for there are only two loves, either the love of God or the love of self. We must give ourselves to the one or to the other.

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