Thanksgiving ought to come after the reparation or the propitiation. Your heart must now pass from joy to sadness, to groans, to tears, to the most profound sorrow, while considering the ingratitude, the indifference, the impiety of the majority of men toward the Eucharistic Saviour.

Behold, how men forget Jesus after having once loved and adored Him! Is He, then, no longer lovable, or has He ceased to love them ? O what ingratitude! It is because He is too loving that they no longer desire to love Him. It is because He is too good that they no longer wish to receive Him. It is because He is too lowly, too humble, too annihilated for them, that they desire no more to see Him, that they flee from Him, that they banish His presence and even His memory, which annoys and importunes them.

There are some who, unable to ignore Him, their good Father, their sweet Master, take revenge on His too great love by outraging and denying Him. They close their eyes to that Sun of love that they may no longer see It. Among those ingrates there are, alas! sacrilegious consecrated souls, unworthy priests, apostate hearts, fallen seraphim, and cherubim. O adorers, behold the work before you! It is to weep at the feet of Jesus, despised by His own, crucified in so many hearts, abandoned in so many places! It is to console the Heart of that tender Father, from whom the demon. His archenemy snatches so many beloved children.

A Prisoner in the Eucharist, He can no longer run after His lost sheep, exposed to the fangs of ravening wolves. Your mission, adorers, is to supplicate grace for the guilty, and pay their ransom to the divine mercy, which has need of supplicating hearts. It is for you to become victims of propitiation with Jesus the Saviour, who, in His resuscitated state being no longer able to suffer, will suffer in you and by you.

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