But Our Lord might have in His suite, a cortege of angels visible and armed as a guard.

He does not wish it. Such angelic armies would affright us or humble us at the sight of their faith, their reverence. Our Lord comes alone and abandoned that He may abase Himself still more. Love descends, ever descends! A King that would clothe himself in poor garments in order to put himself in the reach of a subject whom he was going to comfort or console, would surely betray much love. And yet, under such a disguise his speech, his noble and distinguished manners, would make him known. In the Most Blessed Sacrament Our Lord refuses even this personal glory. He veils His beautiful countenance. He imposes silence on His divine lips, on the mouth of the Word. Did He do otherwise, it would be too much honor for Him; it would place Him too far above us. He wishes to descend even to us. Oh, let us respect the humiliations of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist!

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