Daily Reflections on the Eucharist Day - 58

Our Lord appears to go forward to meet outrages. He has no care for His honor, frightful to think of it!

Ah ! on the Day of Judgment, how some will tremble for having lived with so much love on His side, and so little regard on theirs! Our Lord comes without pomp or majesty. On the altar, under the Eucharistic veils. He has the air of one who no longer has even a being. Is this sufficient abasement? Thus to abase Himself, Our Lord employs all His power. By a prodigy He sustains these accidents. He overturns all the laws of nature in order to humble Himself. Who could envelop the sun with a cloud sufficiently dense to intercept its light and heat? That would be the greatest of miracles. But Our Lord did so in His Own Person. Under the Eucharistic Species, which in themselves are so insignificant, so ordinary. He, glorious and luminous, is hidden. He is God! Oh, do not let us put Our Lord to shame, because He is so humiliated, so little! It is His love that has willed it. A king who does not descend, may honor, but he does not love. Our Lord descends, consequently. He loves. But Our Lord might have in His company, many angels visible and armed as a guard. He does not wish it. Such angelic armies would affright us or humble us at the sight of their faith, their reverence. Our Lord comes alone and abandoned that He may abase Himself still more. Love descends, ever descends !

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