What do the Eucharistic humiliations of Our Lord Jesus Christ proclaim?

To remain with us, Jesus Christ exposes Himself to ingratitude and outrage. Nothing discourages Him. Let us contemplate this good Saviour treated as we would treat none other, and yet persisting in abiding with us. Our Lord, who comes to us and brings us treasures of infinite grace, well deserves our gratitude. He is King over all creation. He is God! Let a great one of this earth, let a king visit a poor man, a sick man, would not the latter be moved to gratitude at such condescension? Envy, yes, even hatred, gives way before greatness abasing itself. Does not Our Lord deserve that we should thank Him, love Him? He visits us not in passing; He abides in the midst of us. Whether we ask it or not, without even our desiring it, there He remains to do us good. And yet He alone of all others is not thanked for the good that He does. By His Presence in the Most Blessed Sacrament, He operates marvels of charity. But we do not appreciate them; we pay no regard to them. In the ordinary affairs of this life, it is considered shameful to be an ingrate; but when Our Lord is concerned, it would seem as if we considered it one of the Commandments to show ingratitude. Yet all this does not discourage Our Lord. He foresaw it all when He instituted the Eucharist. He has but one thought, "My delights are to be with the children of the miserable." Love sometimes reaches such a degree, becomes so powerful, that it longs to be with the beloved, even without getting any return. Can a good mother abandon or cease to love her simple child? a devoted wife, her raving husband ?

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