Another undeniable proof of the love of Our Lord is the persistence of that love in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

How touching is this thought to the soul that understands! Numberless Masses are daily celebrated all over the world. They succeed one another almost without interruption. And how many of these Masses, in which Jesus offers Himself for us, are unattended, how many without assistants! While, on this new Calvary, Jesus is crying for mercy, sinners are outraging God and His Christ. Why does Our Lord renew His sacrifice so often, since we do not profit by it? Why does He remain day and night on our altars, to which no one comes to receive the graces that He is offering with full hands? Because He is loving, He is hoping, He is expecting! If Jesus came on our altars only on certain days. He would fear that some sinner, impelled by a desire to return to Him, might come seeking Him and, not finding Him, would go away without waiting for Him. So, He prefers to await the sinner long years Himself rather than make him wait for an instant, rather than discourage him, perhaps, when he wants to escape from the slavery of sin. Oh, how few have even a remote idea of the love of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament! And, nevertheless, it is true! Oh, we have no faith in the love of Jesus! Would we treat a friend, would we treat any man, as we do Our Lord?

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