Daily Reflections on the Eucharist Day - 55

Does Jesus love us personally, individually? To this question there is but one answer: Do we belong to the Christian family?

In a family, do not the father and the mother love each child with equal love? And if they had some preference, would it not be for the most delicate or infirm? Our Lord has for us the sentiment, at least, of a good Father. Why do we refuse Him that character? But still more, see how Our Lord exercises toward each one of us His personal love. He comes every morning to see each of His children in particular, to visit him, speak to him, embrace him. Although He comes so often. His visit is always as gracious, as loving as if it were the very first. He has not grown old. He is never tired of loving us, and of giving Himself to each of us. Does He not give Himself whole and entire to each one? And if the communicants are more numerous than the Hosts, does He not divide Himself for them? Does He ever give less to anyone? Even if the church is filled with adorers, can not each one of us pray to Jesus, converse with Him? And is he not heard, is he not answered as favorably, as if he were alone in the church? Such is the personal love of Jesus. Every one receives Him entire and does no wrong to anyone. As the sun sheds its light on each and all, as the ocean belongs entirely to each and all the fishes, so does Jesus belong to all of us. He is greater than all. He is inexhaustible.

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