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We Believe in the Love of God for Us. — Word of deep signification!

Faith in the truth of the divine words and promises is exacted of every Christian. That is simply faith. But the faith of love is higher and more perfect. It is the crown of the first. Faith in truth would be sterile, if it did not lead to faith in love. What is that love in which we ought to believe ? It is the love of Jesus Christ, the love which He testifies to us in the Eucharist, the love which is Himself, living and infinite love. Happy they who believe in the love of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist! They love, for to believe is to love. They who are satisfied with believing in the truth of the Eucharist, love not at all, or love very little. But what proofs of His love has Our Lord given in the Eucharist?

In the first place. Our Lord has given us His word to that effect. He tells us that He loves us, that He has instituted His Sacrament only for love of us. Then, it is true. We believe an honorable man on his word. Why should we put less faith in that of Our Lord ? When a friend desires to prove to his friend that he loves him, he tells him so, and he presses his hand affectionately. When Our Lord wants to show His love for us. He does so in person, discarding the intervention of any third person, whether angelic or human. Love suffers no intermediate agents. He remains in the Holy Eucharist that He may repeat to us incessantly: "I love you! You must see that I love you!" Our Lord was so afraid that we would eventually forget Him that He took up His abode in the midst of us, made His home among us, placed His service within our reach, so that we might not be able to think of Him without calling to mind His love. Giving Himself thus, He hoped, perhaps, not to be forgotten by men. Whoever reflects seriously on the Eucharist, but, above all, whoever participates in It, must feel convinced that Our Lord loves him. He feels that he has in Him a Father. He feels that he is loved as a child. He feels that he has the right to go to Him as to a Father, and to speak freely with Him. When in church, at the foot of the tabernacle, he is at home with his Father. He feels it. Ah! I understand why the Faithful love to live near churches, under the shadow of the paternal home. Thus Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament tells us that He loves us. He repeats it to us interiorly, and makes us feel it. Let us believe in His love.

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