It is, besides, much more easy to meditate in presence of the Blessed Sacrament than in one’s own room.

In our own room, we are, indeed, in the presence of God, who fills the universe by His immensity; but in the church, we are in the presence of Our Lord, who is very near to us. As the heart follows the mind, the affections depend on knowledge, it becomes more easy to love in the presence of the Most Blessed Sacrament. Our love is then real, since it rests upon Jesus who is living before our eyes and renewing all His mysteries in the Eucharist. He who meditates on those mysteries in themselves without vivifying them by the Eucharist, always finds a void, experiences some regret in spite of himself. "Why was I not there!" he involuntarily exclaims. But in presence of the Most Blessed Sacrament, what is there to regret, what to, desire? All the mysteries are still going on in Jesus present. Our love is in the actual enjoyment of them. Whether we think of the mortal life or the glorified life of Jesus, we know that Jesus Christ, Body, Soul, and Divinity, is there in the Sacred Host. Let us ponder these thoughts. Let us picture to our imagination the mysteries upon which we wish to dwell, but let us confirm and enliven the remembrance by the Presence of Jesus Christ. Let us, then, recall that Our Lord is in the Sacred Host, He Himself, in all the states of His mortal life. He who ignores this is in the dark, his faith is languishing, and it does not make him happy. Oh, that we had the activity, the delicacy that faith gives! That makes real happiness. Our Lord wishes to make us happy Himself. All men taken together are incapable of producing such an effect. Even piety by itself cannot make us happy. Piety must be nourished by the Eucharist, for happiness comes only from the possession of God, and the Eucharist is God all in all to us!

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