Our Lord veils Himself for our good, for our best interest, in order to force us to study His Soul, His intentions.

His virtues in Himself. If we really saw Him, we should pause to admire His external beauty, we should entertain for Him only sentiments of ordinary love, but He wishes us to love Him with a love of sacrifice. Truly, it costs Our Lord something thus to veil Himself. He would rather show us His divine features, for they would draw all hearts to Him. But He veils Himself for our good. The mind then exercises itself upon the Eucharist, and faith is quickened. We penetrate Our Lord, as it were. Instead of showing Himself to our bodily eyes, He discovers Himself to our soul. He makes Himself known in us by His own light. He enlightens us, and He Himself is the object which we ought to contemplate. He is both the object and the means of our faith. In this mystery, he who loves more, he who is more pure, sees more clearly. Our Lord has said, "He that loveth Me and keepeth My commandments, I will manifest Myself to him." Our Lord gives to souls of prayer very great light upon Himself, and it never deceives them. He varies His light. Sometimes He directs it upon one point of His life, sometimes upon another; and as the Eucharist is the glorification of all mysteries, Jesus Christ Himself becomes our meditation, no matter what its subject.

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