With what do we find fault? Our Lord has known how to reconcile all things.

Sacred Species do not touch Him, they are not a part of Himself, although inseparably united to His Person. They are the condition of His Presence, they tell us where He is, they localize Him. Our Lord could have taken a manner of existence purely spiritual, but then how should we find Him? Where should we look for Him? Let us thank our good Saviour! He is not hidden. He is only veiled. We know not where a hidden thing is; it is as if it did not exist. But a veiled object we possess, we are sure of it even without seeing it. To know that we have our friend at our side, that he is there, — is not that a great thing? Ah, well! we can see where Our Lord is. We look upon the Host, and we are sure that He is in It.

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