Our Lord desires us to recall what He did for us while on this earth and that we honor His Presence in the Most Blessed Sacrament by the meditation of all the mysteries of His life.

That we may more vividly recall the mystery of the Last Supper, He gave us not only the Evangelists’ account of it, but a living, personal memorial of it, namely. Himself, His adorable Person. But although Our Lord is in the midst of us, we cannot see Him, nor picture Him to ourselves as He is in the Eucharist. Despite this, He has often appeared. Why has He not permitted us to preserve pictures of these august apparitions? Ah! Our Lord knows well that all such pictures would, in fact, serve only to make us forget the reality of His actual Presence under the sacred veils of the Eucharist. But if I should see Him, would I have more faith ? Is it not true that what is seen, is not more loved? Yes, the senses might confirm my wavering faith. But our risen Lord does not wish our depraved senses to act upon Him. He calls for pure faith. He does not consist of Body alone, but of Soul, also. He wishes that we should with mind and heart penetrate His Soul. We are not to discover Him by means of the senses. Again, Our Lord, although truly present in the Blessed Sacrament Body and Soul, is there in the manner of spirits. Spirits cannot be analyzed and dissected, consequently, the senses cannot act upon them.

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