Thanksgiving is the act of love sweetest to the soul and most pleasing to God. It is a perfect homage to His infinite goodness. The Eucharist is Itself perfect Thanksgiving. The word Eucharist means thanksgiving. In It, Jesus renders thanks to His Father for us, and that is our true thanksgiving.

Thank God the Father for having given you His Divine Son, not only as Saviour on the Cross but, above all, as your Eucharist, your Bread of Life, your Heaven begun.
Thank the Holy Spirit for continuing to incarnate Him every day on the altar by the words of the priest, as He did the first time in the virginal womb of Mary. But let your thanksgiving rise to the throne of the Lamb, to the hidden God, as the incense of sweet odor, as the most delicious harmony of your soul, as the purest, the tenderest love of your heart. In humility of heart, thank as St. Elizabeth thanked in presence of Mary and the Incarnate Word.

Thank with the thrills of St. John the Baptist on perceiving the nearness of his Divine Master, like himself, concealed in the womb of His Mother. Thank with the joy and generosity of Zaccheus, receiving the visit of Jesus in his house. Thank with the Holy Church, with the celestial court. That your Thanksgiving may be continual and ever on the increase, do as they do in heaven. Consider the beauty, the goodness, ever ancient and ever new, of the God of the Eucharist, who is consumed and born-again incessantly on the altar for love of us. Contemplate His sacramental state, the sacrifices that He has made since the Last Supper, in order to come down through the ages to you; the combats against His own glory that He has had to sustain, in order to abase Himself to the very verge of annihilation, thus to sacrifice His liberty. His body, even His external appearance. And He has done all that without the condition of time or place, abandoning Himself without other protection than His love to the love, yes, more frequently to the hatred of men. At the thought of the Saviour’s so great goodness for all mankind, and, above all, for yourself, since you possess Him, enjoy Him, live of Him, open your heart, and pour out your thanksgivings like flames from a fiery furnace.

Let them envelop the Eucharistic shrine that they may unite with, be lost in the divine fire, in the brilliant and consuming flames of the Heart of Jesus. May these two flames rise to heaven, even to the throne of God the Father, who has given you His Son, in whom you receive the Holy Trinity entire!

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