Daily Reflections on the Eucharist Day - 49

But at least, if I could feel the Heart of Our Lord, if I could feel some of Its burning flames, I should love Him much more.

They would change my heart and inflame it with love. Let us not confound love with sentiment. When we ask Our Lord to be allowed to love Him, we desire that He should make us feel that we do so, but it would be a great misfortune for us did He grant our prayer. No! Love is sacrifice, the gift of our will, its submission to the will of God. Now, what springs from the contemplation of the Eucharist and from Communion, which is perfect union with Jesus, is strength. Sweetness is passing, but strength remains. And of what have we need against ourselves and the world but of strength? Strength is peace. Do you not feel at peace before Our Lord? That is proof that you love Him, and what more do you want? When two friends spend their time looking at each other, and saying how much they love each other, they are wasting their time. Such declarations do not increase their love. But separate them for a while, and they think of each other, they retrace In imagination each other’s features, they long for each other. It is the same with Our Lord. For three years the Apostles lived with Him, but what did they do ? He hides Himself from us that we may ponder His goodness and virtues, that our love may become earnest and independent of the senses, satisfied with the strength and peace of God.

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