But, perhaps, the sight of His glory would convert us!

No, no! Glory does not convert. The Jews became idolaters at the foot of Mount Sinai, despite its flames; the Apostles on Thabor talked nonsense. Glory frightens and puffs up; it does not convert. The Jewish people dared not approach Moses, because his face was shining with divine light. "No, Lord, remain veiled, for that is much better. I can draw near Thee and trust that Thou lovest me since You do not drive me away!" But would not His powerful word convert us? For three whole years, the Jews listened to Our Lord, but were they converted? Very few of them attached themselves to Him. It is not the human word of Our Lord, not the word that strikes the ear, that converts, but the word of His grace. Now, Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament speaks to the heart, and that ought to suffice for us since that is the word of truth.

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