Why does Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament veil Himself under the Sacred Species?

It is hard for us to accustom ourselves to Our Lord’s hidden state. We should frequently reflect on this truth, for we must, I believe firmly and practically that Our Lord Jesus Christ, although in a veiled manner, is really, truly, and substantially present in the Holy Eucharist. Then, why this silent presence, this impenetrable veil? "Lord," we are often tempted to say, "show us Thy Face!" Our Lord makes us feel His power. He attracts us, He keeps us in respect, although we do not behold Him. But how sweet, how good it would be to hear some words from His lips! What a consolation it would be, what an assurance of His friendship for us, if He would show Himself! For, we say, He shows Himself only to those that He loves.

Ah, well! Our Lord hiding Himself is more lovable than if He were to disclose Himself. His silence is more eloquent than speech, and what we look upon as a punishment is an effect of His love and goodness. Yes, were He to show Himself we should be unhappy. The contrast between His virtues and ours, the sight of His glory would humble us. What! a Father so good, and children so miserable! We should not dare to appear before Him, much less to approach Him! Knowing only His goodness, as we now do, we go to Him without fear. Now all go to Him. Suppose Our Lord manifested Himself only to the good, since, resuscitated, He cannot show Himself to sinners, who would dare believe himself good? Who would not fear to enter a church through the dread of not being good enough for Jesus Christ to show Himself to him? And, then, what jealousy! Only the proud would venture to approach Our Lord. But as it is now all have equal rights, all may believe themselves loved.

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