The Eucharistic veil perfects our faith.

Faith is a pure act of the mind, disengaged from the senses. Here the senses are not brought into play, they have no action. It is the only mystery of Jesus Christ in which the senses have to keep absolute silence. In all the others, in the Incarnation, the Redemption, they behold an Infant God, a dying God. In this mystery, nothing is presented to them but an impenetrable veil. Here faith alone must act. The Eucharist is the kingdom of faith. This Eucharistic cloud demands from us a very meritorious sacrifice, that of our mind and our reason. We must believe even against the evidence of our senses, against the ordinary laws of existence, against our own experience. We must believe on the simple word of Jesus Christ.

There is only one question to be asked "Who is there?  "I,"  responds Jesus Christ. Let us fall down and adore! And this pure faith, disengaged from the senses, free in its action, brings us in closest union with Jesus Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament, "The flesh profiteth nothing, " says the Saviour, "My words are spirit and life." The soul clears the barrier of the senses and enters into the admirable contemplation of the divine presence of God under the Sacred Species, veiled that we may be able to support its brilliancy, but yet transparent to the eyes of faith. Still more, instead of being a trial, this veil becomes for humble and sincere faith a stimulus and an encouragement. We love to penetrate a veiled truth, to discover a hidden treasure, to triumph over a difficulty. The faithful soul, therefore, before the Eucharistic veil seeks her Lord as did Magdalen at the tomb. Her desires are ever on the increase; she calls Him as did the spouse of the Canticles; she delights in ascribing to Him every charm, in covering Him with glory. The Eucharist is for her what Almighty God is for the blessed in heaven, a truth, a beauty ever ancient and ever new, which they never tire gazing upon and studying, "I will seek him whom my soul loveth." Lord, Thou Well-Beloved of my soul, I will constantly seek Thee! Show me Thy adorable Face! Jesus manifests Himself gradually to our soul according to the measure of its faith and love." In this way, the soul finds in Jesus nourishment ever new, life inexhaustible. The Divine Object of her contemplation appears to her always possessed of new qualities, full of new goodness. As in this world, love lives on desire and possession, so the soul with regard to the Eucharist enjoys and desires at the same time. She eats, and still, she hungers! Ah, yes! It was only the wisdom and goodness of Our Lord that could invent the Eucharistic veil

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