Daily Reflections on the Eucharist Day - 45

The hidden state of Jesus encourages my weakness.

I can without fear approach Him, contemplate Him, and speak to Him. If His glory shone around, who would dare speak to Him, since even the Apostles fell to the earth in fear on beholding one ray of that glory on Thabor? Jesus veiled the power that would affright man. He veiled His sanctity, which is so sublime that it would discourage our weak virtues. The mother lisps with her little one, and puts herself within its reach to raise it in her arms; and so does Jesus make Himself little with the little in order to raise them to Himself and up to God. Jesus hides His love, tempers it. Its ardor is such that it would consume us if we were exposed to its direct flames, "God is a consuming fire." Behold how Jesus veiled encourages our weakness! What greater proof of love than this Eucharistic veil?

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