Daily Reflections on the Eucharist - Day 44

Crucifixion Image

Veiled from sight, Jesus Christ labors at the work of my sanctification.

To become a saint I must conquer pride and supplant it by humility. Now, in the Eucharist, Jesus gives me the example and the grace of humility. He it was who, ages ago, pronounced these words "Learn of Me, for I am meek and humble of heart." — For nineteen centuries humility would have been but a name if we had not had the remembrance of Our Saviour’s example during His mortal life. We could have said with truth, "But, Lord, I never saw Thee humbled!" Ah, well! Jesus Christ is there to respond to our excuses and complaints. It is from the tabernacle, from beneath the veil of the Host that escapes this word, "Learn of Me that I am meek and humble of heart." Learn of Me to hide your good works, your virtues, your sacrifices. Descend! come down to Me! And the grace of humility is found in the humiliated state of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament. What human glory will fear to abase itself since the King of Glory descended to such a state? What rich man will not esteem desirable the poverty of our Eucharistic Jesus? Who will refuse obedience to God and His representatives since God Himself obeys man?

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