Daily Reflections on the Eucharist - Day 43

That the Son of God should have loved mankind so much as to become incarnate we can understand, for the Creator ought to have at heart the repairing of the work of His own hands.

That the Man-God should die upon the Cross, we can again understand, for it was by an excess of love. But what we cannot understand, what startles the weak in faith, what scandalizes the incredulous, is that Jesus Christ, glorious and crowned, after having finished His mission here below, still desire to remain with us and that in a state more humble, more annihilated than at Bethlehem, than even on Calvary itself.

Let us respectfully raise the mysterious veil that covers the Holy of Holies, and try to comprehend the excess of love the Saviour bears us. His veiled state gives most glory to the Heavenly Father, for Jesus thus renews and glorifies all the conditions of His mortal life. What He cannot do in the glory of heaven, He does by His state of annihilation on the altar. What loving looks the Heavenly Father casts upon the earth, where He beholds His Son, whom He loves as Himself, in a state of poverty, humility, and obedience! Our Lord has found the means of perpetuating and incessantly renewing the sacrifice of Calvary. He desires that His Father should have constantly under His eyes the heroic act by which He renders Him infinite glory, by immolating Himself for the destruction of the reign of Satan, His enemy. Jesus Christ still continues to subject pride to the struggle that conquers it. As nothing is so hateful to God as pride, so nothing glorifies Him so much as humility. The glory of His Father is the first reason for Jesus’ hidden state in the Eucharist.

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