The Eucharist is the glory of the Church. Jesus Christ, her Spouse, is King.

He is the King of Glory. His Father has placed a resplendent crown on His head. But the glory of the husband is the glory of the spouse; and the Church, like the beautiful star of the night, reflects the divine rays of the Sun of Glory. The Church, on account of the God of the Eucharist, is beautiful on the feast days of her Spouse. She adorns herself with her vestments of honor, she chants her solemn hymns, she invites her children to assemble and do honor to the God of her heart. She is happy in rendering glory to her King and her God. In listening to her, in beholding her, one would imagine himself transported to the heavenly Jerusalem, in which the angelic choirs glorify in uninterrupted festival the immortal King of ages. She is triumphant when, on the Feast of Corpus Christi, she extends her long processions, the cortege of the God of the Eucharist. She advances then like an army in battle array, her Chief at her head. Then do kings and people, the little and the great, sing the glory of the Lord who has fixed His abode in the midst of His Church. The reign of the Eucharist is the reign of the Church. Where the Eucharist is forgotten, the Church has only unfaithful children, and soon she will weep a new loss.

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